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About Clef Notes Journal

Clef Notes's quarterly magazine is published in March, June, September and December each year.



Who We Are


A city with as vast and vibrant a cultural scene as Chicago deserves a magazine that's equally vibrant and inspires interest in and knowledge of Chicago's cultural life from cover to cover with every issue. Clef Notes Chicagoland Journal of the Arts serves as the city's premier magazine for coverage of arts in Chicago and the Chicagoland area. Clef Notes offers insightful feature articles on music, art, theater and dance, and provides departments that cover a wide range of the creative muse for Chicago culture lovers. Clef Notes examines innovations in culture, while at the same time, looks back to the history of art, theater, dance and the performing arts to inform on what they mean to us today.  Our magazine brings news, interviews with renowned concert artists and editorials, essays and analysis on a wide variety of subjects all touching art, the artisan and the muse.  In addition, we provide a comprehensive digest of listings quarterly for arts events in Chicago in the pages of our popular Cultural Almanac. The Almanac also features previews, reviews for current running performances and interviews with luminaries from the city's cultural landscape and beyond.