Get ready to be thrilled and chilled this October with Aerial Dance Chicago’s (ADC) "Ghost Stories," an evening of kinetic artistry inspired by supernatural phenomenon and expressed through the powerful medium of concert aerial dance. The concert will run for one weekend, October 28, 29 and 30 at the ADC loft space. This intimate venue will provide audience members with an immersive, sensory, concert dance experience. 

Five premieres plus one piece from of repertoire that make up this concert, include choreography by Karen Fisher Doyle, Chloe Jensen, Tom Mattingly and Sandra Kaufmann; creative rigging design by Kip Conwell, Chloe Jensen and Karen Fisher Doyle; costumes specially tailored by Emily Nelson and all coming alive under the lights of Jacob Snodgrass. The dancers (Dalton Burr, Sam Crouch, Madeleine Klein, Rachel Nesnevich, Michelle Reid, Alanna Nielsen, Jordan Reinwald and Dylan Roth) dedicated themselves to months of intense training in aerial dance techniques for this show.  

ADC was founded in 1999 with a vision of taking dancers into flight. Incorporating a variety of apparatus such as suspended fabrics, bungee cords, hoops, swings and ropes, dancers were no longer bound to the traditional dance floor, and the company set out to explore the potential for compelling and powerful expression within multi-dimensional space.

One of the world’s first professional aerial dance companies, Aerial Dance Chicago is a pioneer and an international leader in the field. Led by its founder and creative director, Chloe Jensen, and award winning choreographer and artistic director, Karen Fisher-Doyle, ADC fill an important niche in the community as the only dance company in the Chicago region dedicated to choreography and performance in field of aerial dance. Using human power and strength, ADC launches itself into the creative and physical possibilities of the vertical realm and transcends assumed limits of dance. 

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Chills and Thrills to Take Flight with Aerial Dance Chicago's "Ghost Stories"

Aerial Dance Chicago's Ghost Stories will provide a chilling look at kinetic artistry inspired by supernatural phenomena just in time for Halloween (photo by Eddie Eng).