The Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events will present the Chicago premiere of bodies in urban spaces performed by local dance artists and choreographed by Austrian dance-maker Willi Dorner.  The free performances will begin at Daley Plaza (50 West Washington Street) on Saturday, June 21 at 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. and on Sunday, June 22 at 11 a.m. Audience members will meet at the Picasso to start their unique journey through the Loop to an unnamed, final destination.  

bodies in urban spaces will take audience members on a mile-long adventure through Chicago’s Loop starting in Daley Plaza. The moving performance is choreographed by Willi Dorner and will feature a group of dancers from various local companies. The performers lead the audience on an entertaining journey utilizing public and semi-public spaces as their stage. Along the way, they create a chain of living sculptures, built from the dancers’ bodies existing temporarily in a doorway, on the side of a building or on the sidewalk. Spectators will have the chance to view performers as they test the limitless physicality of the human body, ultimately transforming a once vacant space into a temporary art installment.  

The mastermind behind bodies in urban spaces, Dorner is founder of Vienna-based dance company Cie. W. Dorner, his international recognition is garnered through his stimulating and groundbreaking dance performances and vision to create events that craft new experiences, insights and perception of everyday life for his audience members. This is exemplified by some of his most recent work, including bodies in urban spaces.  

bodies in urban spaces is presented by the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events as part of the DCASE Theater and Dance series. For information on all productions presented by the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, visit

Dancer performs as part of bodies in urban spaces, a new adventurous public art performance where dancers use the city geography as their unique stage.

bodies in urban spaces Set to Premiere June 21 in Downtown Chicago