Chicago Opera Theater's Opera for All Program Bringing Student Led Performances to the Concert Stage

Chicago Opera Theater (COT) has announced its first ever city-wide education performance, “Growing Together,” featuring student-written performances from Chicago-area schools. COT’s education program, Opera for All, is now in its seventeenth year bringing teaching artists into Chicago Public Schools to educate students about classical music, singing and opera. On June 15, nine classrooms and more than 400 students from schools around the city conclude the school year with a performance of student-written original songs, dances and scenes. COT’s “Growing Together” takes place at The Studebaker Theater (410 S. Michigan Avenue) on Thursday, June 15.

“The Opera for All program is one of the foundations of COT’s education work, and what makes it particularly unique is that at the root of it all, the program allows for the students to create self-generated work,” said General Director Designate Douglas Clayton. “Opera for All’s programming to engage students of all ages is absolutely essential to the future of opera and to our cultural life here in Chicago.”

Opera for All allows children ages 8 – 13 to understand the art of opera and classical music by participating in it, both in production and in performance.  Each year, students participate in a 35-session program with the end goal of creating their very own unique opera. COT's team of teaching artists pair up and work with each classroom to create the script, lyrics, music, choreography, set and costume design of the opera. Each spring, Opera for All culminates in a performance, and for the first time this year, that performance is open to the public at The Studebaker Theater. 

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Chicago's opulent Studebaker Theatre will be the home to student-centered productions of original operatic works, produced by Chicago Opera Theater's Opera for All program. (photo courtesy of Studebaker Theatre).