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Cleve Carney Art Gallery to Become Cleve Carney Museum of Art in 1,000 + Square Foot Expansion


College of DuPage (COD) Board of Trustees recently approved plans for the Cleve Carney Art Gallery to become a museum, and be renamed the Cleve Carney Museum of Art. The transition aligns with the museum’s upcoming 1,000-square-foot expansion plan, which includes installation of a museum-grade LED lighting system, security system and climate control system to maintain the standards set out by the American Alliance of Museums. The Board approval took place upon reviewing a competitive construction proposal with detailed renderings by architect Kevin Havens, Executive Vice President and Director of Design for Wight & Company. Construction will commence pending final bid approval in September 2019, with an estimated completion date of March 2020.

This news follows Cleve Carney Museum of Art’s previously announced plan to host the most comprehensive presentation of Frida Kahlo’s work displayed in the Chicago area since 1978 in an exhibition titled Frida Kahlo 2020. Scheduled to open in June 2020, the exhibition will be the first in the newly renovated Cleve Carney Museum of Art and will expand throughout the McAninch Arts Center lobby and the Lakeside Pavilion area. Frida Kahlo 2020 is curated by Cleve Carney Museum of Art Director and Curator Justin Witte with programming directed by McAninch Arts Center Director Diana Martinez.

“The McAninch Arts Center seeks to provide the highest quality performing and visual art to Glen Ellyn and the greater Chicago area,” said McAninch Arts Center Director Diana Martinez. “This expansion is an incredible opportunity to enhance our visual art offerings and bring work by Frida Kahlo, a cultural icon, to our community in summer 2020.”

The expansion will add 1,000 square feet to the north side of the gallery, allowing an estimated 78 more people to move through the space per hour. The construction includes a distinctive exterior redesign featuring sculptural folded metal panels and a fully programmable HD LCD video wall along with the investment in a museum-grade security system, temperature control system and lighting system, which enable future presentations of large-scale exhibitions.

“While the benefits of the proposed expansion will certainly be foundational to the upcoming Frida Kahlo exhibition, they will also extend far beyond 2020 and open up the possibility of hosting more museum-level travelling exhibitions in the years to come,” added Justin Witte, Cleve Carney Museum of Art director and curator.

 The expansion will also allow the Cleve Carney Museum of Art to have a space dedicated to both display and present educational programming for its permanent art collection, which is made up of over 800 works valued at an estimated $2.87 million. Celebrated artists represented in the collection include Rembrandt, Toulouse-Lautrec, Miró, Warhol and more.

​A current exhibition, José Guadalupe Posada: Legendary Printmaker of Mexico, will be on view through September 13, 2019. The exhibition features one of Mexico’s most celebrated artists and printmakers, José Guadalupe Posada (1852-1913), whose work has been cited as inspirational for Frida Kahlo. The exhibition serves as a precursor to the gallery’s Frida Kahlo exhibition, Frida Kahlo 2020, which opens in June 2020.

​More information can be found at CleveCarneyGallery.org or by calling

Rendering of new Cleve Carney Museum of Art following 1,000 sq. ft. expansion of the current Cleve Carney Art Gallery at College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn (image courtesy of Cleve Carney Art Gallery).