Long-standing Elgin Symphony Orchesra (ESO) musicians Julia Richter (flute) and Collin Anderson (bassoon) will join the ESO’s Carol Dylan (violin) and Nazar Dzhuryn (cello) to perform at the Midwest Mozart Festival, Sunday, August 6 and Sunday, August 13 at the Woodstock Opera House.  Ms. Dylan is also a founding board member of the festival, which is comprised of musicians that have been presenting the works of Mozart for many years at the Woodstock venue, and the August concerts will mark 31 years of performances of Mozart’s incomparable works there.

​On August 6, the ensemble will perform W.A. Mozart works, the Horn Concerto No. 3, K 447, featuring Michael Buckwalter, horn, and Symphony No. 29, K 201. The program also holds Symphony No. 2, K 17 by L. Mozart, and "Sinfonia" from Artemisia by D. Cimarosa. The final concert of the series August 13 features Overture to Marriage of Figaro, K 492, Violin Concerto No. 3, K 216, with soloist Kevin Case, violin, and Symphony No. 40, K 550.

This year marks the 31st year the musicians of the Midwest Mozart Festival orchestra will perform at the Woodstock Opera House and other venues.  Midwest Mozart Festival’s stated mission is to provide Northern Illinois with classical music performances of the highest caliber, offer the unique cultural experience of fine music to a diverse public audience at an affordable price and to extend support and assistance to the communities in which they perform through partnerships with local businesses, and active participation in local economic development programs.  Another significant goal of the festival is to interact with and support music students.

​MMF’s youth-serving mission strives to promote and encourage music education.  All Midwest Mozart Festival concerts offer youth & student tickets available at a significantly reduced price, or for free based on sponsorship availability. Midwest Mozart Festival musicians deliver support to local school systems by volunteering at summer music camps.  Musicians from the orchestra also play alongside music students at sponsored events and hold student/professional musician concerts afterward.  Over 70 percent of MMF musicians are also professional music educators.

Situated on the downtown historic square in the heart of the community, the Woodstock Opera House is one of the oldest continuously operating theaters in the country and one of the most recognized historic theaters in the mid-west.  Originally built in 1889 the Opera House also served as City Hall, the Public Library, the Fire Station, and the Police Station for the City of Woodstock.  The building received significant restoration in the mid 1970’s and continues to serve today as an active performing arts/cultural center, meeting place and focal point of the community.

Elgin Symphony Flutist Julia Richter and Bassoonist Collin Anderson to Perform in Midwest Mozart Festival 

ESO flautist Julia Richter will be joined by bassoonist Collin Anderson in this summer's Midwest Mozart Festival (photo courtesy of Ms. Richter).