Five Equal Lines, light installation by artist Monika Wulfers (photo courtesy of the Elmhurst Art Museum).

Earlier this month, the Elmhurst Art Museum purchased, Five Equal Lines, not a pentagon, an important site-specific light installation by German-American artist Monika Wulfers. The work is a significant example of Wulfer's large-scale neon "drawings," which fills the glass-walled lobby of the museum from floor to ceiling and is visible from adjacent Wilder Park.

Wulfers's art uses line to work through a rigorous abstraction of visual form. Abstract components of space are re-inscribed three-dimensionally, as in Five Equal Lines, not a pentagon, which features groupings of argon-filled tubes hanging from the ceiling in five-sided configurations to be navigated by the viewer.

"Influenced by a range of artists, from Kazimir Malevich to Philip Glass, Wulfers' light installations rely on both mathematics and intuition, ” says Staci Boris, EAM’s chief curator. “Working within self-imposed parameters and with a careful consideration of placement, pattern and scale, her resulting networks of white lines seem to imply infinite possibilities.”  

The acquisition was funded by the Phyllis O'Neill Acquisition Fund. The work will be reintroduced to the community on Friday, December 19th from 3 to 7 p.m. at the Museum's 3rd annual Winter Solstice Celebration and remain on view until Sunday, January 11, 2015. It was commissioned as part of Elmhurst Art Museum's 2014 exhibition, SpotLight.  

Housed in a sleek 1997 modernist building designed by DeStefano + Partners of Chicago, the Elmhurst Art Museum combines Mies van der Rohe's 1952 McCormick House with extensive gallery space devoted to showing contemporary art and a well-equipped studio art and educational wing.   

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Elmhurst Art Museum Acquires German-American Artist Monika Wulfers Light Installation