On September 29, Kohl Children’s Museum in Glenview will open a new exhibit that shows children that getting exercise does not have to be difficult or boring. Run! Jump! Fly! Adventures in Action aims to engage children in five different exercise simulation components to embrace the fun of exercise. The exhibit allows visitors to engage in exciting activities including surfing, snowboarding, kung fu and rock climbing, all in a fun and immersive environment.

“There are countless sedentary and often screen-based distractions for children, which inhibit them from getting the exercise that they truly need. Run! Jump! Fly! will let children discover just how fun and exciting physical fitness can really be,” said Sheridan Turner, president and CEO of Kohl Children’s Museum. “Getting children to love exercise now will only encourage them to be fit for their future.”

Kohl Children’s Museum is incorporating Run! Jump! Fly! into their ongoing program of “Fitness For All,” which is focused on children getting and staying healthy. These different activities, museum representatives say, promote putting “active” in “interactive.” Kids build endurance and stretch their muscles through a diverse range of programs.

Throughout the new exhibit, participants can earn stamps for each adventures they try in their Action Trackers. At the conclusion of their visit, guests can bring home a 3-day Action Tracker to build on the skills and activities they learned and incorporate them into their own lives.

Run! Jump! Fly! was designed for children’s different physical and developmental levels and needs. The five different components will feature adventure scenes with different physical challenges and a center where visitors can learn to do activities at home.

For more information about the upcoming exhibit, visit the Kohl Children’s Museum website at kohlchildrensmuseum.org or call (847) 832-6600.

New Kohl Children's Museum Exhibit Designed to Get Kids Up and Active

A young Kohl Children's Museum visitor takes on the climbing wall in the new Run! Jump! Fly! exhibition (photo courtesy of Kohl Children's Museum in Glenview).