Children explore regional cultures of Japan in new Kohl Children's Museum exhibition (photo courtesy of The Kohl Children's Museum).

Kohl Children’s Museum of Greater Chicago will bring a taste of Asian culture to the Chicagoland area when the museum unveils the popular multi-media, 1,200-sq. ft. exhibition Japan and Nature: Spirits of the Seasons on Tuesday, January 28, 2014, at the Museum’s facility in Glenview. The exhibition will be divided into the four seasons, each representing a different Japanese region and aspect of life in Japan. The exhibit focuses on the regions of Lake Biwa, Sapporo, Kyoto and Fukuoka, offering an in-depth exploration of each region through video, audio and visual media, as well as authentic props and hands-on interactive activities. Children, families and educators will be invited to discover all aspects of the foreign culture and reflect on the ways in which their experiences relate and differ. The exhibit will be open until July 14, 2014 and is designed for children up to age 8.

“We’re excited to provide children an opportunity to glimpse into life in another culture,” said Sheridan Turner, president and CEO of the museum.. “This exhibit will allow children to explore a concept they’re familiar with, the four seasons, while discovering Japanese customs that are completely new to them. It’s a wonderful way for children to realize that even though traditions may be different around the world, many parts of growing up – play, family and school – are the same everywhere.”

Explore Japan at Kohls Children's Museum

New exhibit invites children and parents to explore four distinct regions in Japan's topography