Chicago's Civic Opera House, home to Lyric Opera of Chicago (photo courtesy of Lyric Opera of Chicago).

Lyric Opera Selected to Receive the 2017 British Consul-General Award this Spring

In recognition of its global thought leadership, Lyric Opera of Chicago has been chosen to receive the 2017 British-Consul General Award.  Dr. Stephen J. Bridges LVO, Consul General, said in a statement, “on behalf of the British-American Business Council in Chicago, we are exceedingly happy to recognize the long-standing and ever- increasing thought leadership of Lyric Opera.  Its impact is manifest in Chicago, the United States, and internationally.”  The Award will be presented to Lyric Opera during the Gala Dinner of the 2017 Transatlantic Conference on 11 May at the Art Institute of Chicago.

​“It is a rare and important moment when thought leadership is truly transcendent – going beyond a particular industry, geography, or capitalization, said K. Thomas Stevens, Presiden of the British-American Business Council. “Lyric expertly tackles the great challenge of mounting complex productions, drawing upon talents and skills of individuals at all corners of the globe, and consistently executes to the delight of its customers.  Such warrants our understanding and emulation, regardless of whether one’s organization is non-profit or for-profit.”

In learning of the announcement, Anthony Freud, general director, president & CEO of Lyric Opera, remarked "On behalf of everyone at Lyric Opera of Chicago, we are extremely honored to receive the 2017 British-Consul General Award. As a company, Lyric strives to provide an important cultural service to the city of Chicago and the nation. We are committed to engaging and inspiring large and diverse audiences through the quality and relevance of our work. Opera is the most international of the performing arts and Lyric is proud to present a truly international repertoire, interpreted and performed by major artists from all over the world, attracting a global audience to Chicago and to our opera house. I am particularly thrilled that this award is in recognition of our global thought leadership. Great works of art are transformational in their power to help us understand ourselves, our fellow citizens and our world. Many thanks for this wonderful recognition."

The event caps the two day conference, with such notable speakers as Groupon founder Brad Keywell, 38th US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker, columnist PJ O’Rourke, Deloitte vice-chairperson Deborah DeHass, Kauffman Foundation CEO Wendy Guillies, and philanthropist and great supporter of innovation centers JB Pritzker.  Further, the Conference will have panels focusing upon global economic outlook, healthcare, healthtech, US-UK consumer trending, energy, big data, financial markets and global talent mobility. “The 2017 Transatlantic Conference is incredibly content-rich, drawing directly from 42 senior executive speakers who are at the very top of their professions -- it is the place to be,” stated Laurence Geller CBE, chairman of the Conference.  More information and registration can be found at

​Following most recent Transatlantic Conferences in New York and London, the 2017 event explores the theme “Navigating the New World,” focusing upon evolving opportunities as the United States, Canada, and Europe absorb changes in the realities of economies, trade, borders, and governance.