The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago presents THIS, a one-woman show written, directed, and starring Adrienne Truscott that responds to the current news cycle and probes the inadequacy of making art in the current political landscape. Mining her genre-bending oeuvre as a comedian, choreographer, cabaret performer, performance artist and activist, THIS is a stream-of-consciousness narrative that dances between truth and fiction, story-telling and autobiography, questioning the futility of making meaningful work in a noise-filled world.

Truscott’s evolving production changes as quickly as the headlines and uses some radical ways to capture and hold the viewer’s attention, such as a re-enactment of Carolee Schneemann’s famously provocative Interior Scroll performance. Delivered with precise comedic timing, THIS is an experiment in performance that combines elements of stand-up comedy and monologue with music and movement. Touching on themes that range from feminism and self-love, to the presidency and making art, THIS delivers a candid and satirical reflection on the responsibilities that come with participating in culture today.

The audience witnesses Truscott in the act of performing her own writing process, using text as a form of choreography. Her non-linear confessional evolves each time it is performed, questioning notions of truth, memory, and authority. Playing between fiction and autobiography, THIS seamlessly moves from casual, humorous anecdotes to earnest accounts of violence, misogyny, and personal trauma, provoking meaningful reflection on the social, political, and cultural climate at hand.

Adrienne Truscott received a 2014 Doris Duke Impact Artist Award and is a 2017 Foundation for Contemporary Arts grantee for Theater/Performance Art. Her solo comedic work and group choreographic works have been presented in venues across the world, including at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Dublin Fringe Festival, New York Live Arts, and Dance Theater Workshop.

Adrienne Truscott’s THIS has mature content. Adrienne Truscott’s THIS takes place at the MCA and runs from Thursday to Saturday, May 2-4, at 7:30 pm with a matinee performance on Sunday May 5, at 2 pm.

Tickets are $30 and can be reserved at or by calling the Box Office at 312.397.4010.

 Museum of Contemporary Art and Adrienne Truscott Take on the Current US Political Climate in THIS

Adrienne Truscott in THIS (photo by Ian Douglas).

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