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backstories to the arts as they look today, with insights from professionals in the fine arts industry revealing trends in culture, developments in technology and programming, and issues that impact contemporary arts and culture;

interviews with some of the world's foremost artists performing on the concert, theater and opera stages today, along with interviews with some of the world's leading figures in fine arts and culture;

previews of some of the Windy City's most anticipated performances, including dance; theater; classical, jazz & folk music; and art & museum exhibits; and reviews of some of hottest shows in Chicago's cultural calendar!

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timely and insightful features that keep you abreast of the ever changing landscape of Chicago area arts and culture;

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Clef Notes Chicagoland Journal for the Arts is the premier magazine for culture and the fine and performing arts in Chicago. Our design is fresh and as vibrant as the creative cultural community we serve. The magazine's content is focused on the thrilling arts and culture scene in the Windy City, and because Chicago is a global city, we keep a finger on the pulse of arts and culture around the world. If you love art, music, dance, theater and all things cultural, you'll love Clef Notes!