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Chicago's Davis Theatre, home of the 2019 Sound of Silent Film Festival (photo courtesy of the Davis Theatre).

Production company, music school, and contemporary classical music advocate Access Contemporary Music (ACM) presents its 14th annual Sound of Silent Film Festival, featuring modern silent films accompanied by freshly-composed scores performed live. The festival returns to the Davis Theater for two back-to-back presentations on Saturday, April 20.  

Featured composers at the Sound of Silent Film Festival include Roger Tréfousse, Amy Wurtz, Donny Walker, Rob Steele, and more TBA, the festival lineup includes: Ascending Double Helix by Vito Rowlands, one man’s struggle with his faith  while being caught between ascension and fall; Hall of Fishes by Jennifer Boles, an archival film about the webs of power and violence behind our desires to see, contain and consume the ocean; Tragedy of the Merry Andrew by Alexander Bickford, an uplifting story about a clown and his dog; and an array of works by Alex Laferriere, Andrea Bonvicini, Austin Kite and more.ACM is a production company that creates events designed to be innovative, foster creativity and bring contemporary music to new audiences and integrate musical creativity into everyday life. Productions include ACM School of Music, “Live at the Davis Theater” concert series, The Discovery Series, Thirsty Ears Festival, Sound of Silent Film Festival – now performed at Chicago, New York, Austin, and Mexico City and more.

Popular Sound of Silent Film Festival to Add Film Screenings with Live Score for 14th Annual Installment