Canadian icon Margaret Trudeau author, actress and advocate for people with bipolar dissorder (photo by Peter Bregg).

The Second City’s Wellness Week 2019: You’re Not the Only One is coming this May in collaboration with the creation of Canadian icon Margaret Trudeau’s world premiere of Certain Woman of an Age. Ms. Trudeau’s one-woman show candidly and gracefully tackles many of the day’s most relatable and difficult topics, including dealing with mental illness under the harsh spotlight of fame.

The Second City Training Center’s Wellness Program launched in 2011 with the groundbreaking improv for Anxiety and has expanded throughout the years with a suite of specialty classes, such as improv for Autism, Humor Doesn’t Retire and Improv for Clinicians. The heart of the program is to create a nurturing and safe environment for people who are choosing to experience the personal and social benefits that the study of improv and commitment to ensemble can provide.

“I love that we have the opportunity to share our programming with a broader audience, thanks to Margaret’s show,” says Becca Barish, Head of the Wellness Program. “I hope that people take this opportunity to experience some of our work for free, by hearing from professionals in our field and giving improv a try for themselves.  There’s no better place to find your voice and try something new, than right here in an improv class at The Second City.”

From May 6 – 12, The Second City Training Center will offer a series of special workshops and seminars in association with Wellness Week 2019 . All events are free to attend, but reservations are strongly recommended.

Visit or call 312-664-3959 for more info on Wellness Week 2019 and to reserve a spot.

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 The Second City Collaborating with Canada's Margaret Trudeau for Wellness Week 2019