At this year’s installment of Wicker Park Fest, Wicker Park Bucktown Special Service Area (SSA) #33, will unveil Wicker Park Fest Arts, a dedicated section within the festival with unique and inspired works from talented local artists and arts organizations, July 23 and 24, 2016. Centrally located on Milwaukee Avenue, Wicker Park Fest Arts features interactive works including Universe, a mirror and light sculpture by John E. Bannon, and Art Oasis programming by performance art company Collaboraction.

Bannon’s Universe is a contemporary mythological model of the Cosmos. A kinetic light sculpture composed of a life-size, sculptured human figure covered with mirrors. The figure, held up by a 12-foot stainless steel "umbilical cord," slowly rotates. Lights, globes and lenses project different depictions of the figure onto the mirrors, which are then broadcast over the surrounding area.

Wicker Park's own nationally renowned performance art company, Collaboraction, will create the Art Oasis, featuring a Dome of Dance Tournament, a dance battle tournament inside a geodesic dome led by Anthony Moseley and the Dome Dancers. A Kids' dance tournament will take place at 3 p.m. on both days of the festival and an adults' tournament will roll out at 7 p.m. Saturday and 6 p.m. on Sunday. Interested contestants may email their battle dance name and a photo to to reserve a slot in the tournament and become the Wicker Park Fest Dome of Dance Champion.

Another unique installation on view at the festival will be the Art Bar, a collaborative art installation using recycled materials. After making their own creations, visitors can attach them to the growing community-made piece.

​There will also be live bands and DJ keeping the festival lively from start to finish, and Chicago’s own break dance crew, The Brickheadz, will lead a break dancing workshop daily at 2 p.m. for all.

The Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce serves as a cornerstone of the Wicker Park and Bucktown commercial districts, advancing the financial goals of neighborhood businesses and increasing the neighborhood's visibility and viability, encouraging profitable relationships within the community.

​Wicker Park Fest is held on Milwaukee Avenue between North Avenue and Paulina Street, July 23 and 24 from 12-10 p.m. daily. Suggested donation is $10 and supports yearly festival production by the nonprofit Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce.

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2016 Wicker Park Fest to Unveil New Multi-Media Arts Platform

Dome of Dance tournament will be a featured component of the new Wicker Park Fest Arts initiative in connection to the annual festival's 2016 schedule. The Dome will be part of performing arts company Collaboraction's Arts Oasis programming (photo courtesy of Wicker Park Fest).